Our story

Established in 1999, Natura Agro-Trade is a leading Egyptian agriculture integrated company. We grow, process and pack a wide range of fruits & vegetables in fresh, frozen and preserved format exporting worldwide to markets in Middle East, Europe, America and Asia. We provide our customers & consumers with premium quality products, built on foundation of best in class growing.


Dedicated to serve our worldwide customers & consumers providing outstanding quality, product variety, services and delivery built on passion for what we do.


To continuously develop our capabilities to fulfill the evolving consumer needs via innovating in our product offering, and develop our manufacturing capabilities to further deliver on future needs.

At 'Natura' we do not only work on promoting our brand worldwide, we also share our responsibility to our community by teaching the young individuals the basic techniques of the Export Process.

How we operate

We follow a policy of delivering products at the highest quality enabled by a fully controlled process to ensure ample hygienic environment for our products & safe working environment for our staff.