Sun Dried Tomato



• Ingredients:  Dried  tomatoes, salt, water, citric acid.

• Season/weather: 5-9 days drying, no sand- storm.

•Requirments of Final Product:

– General: halved, dewatered, ripe tomatoes, may be chopped

– Sensorial: Red color, characteristic taste and odor

– Chemical: 18-20% moisture, 13-14% salt

– Physical (total 9%): discoloration, insect damage, foreign material, dirt, living insects and worms

– Microbiology: total microbial count 50,000/g
(E.coli, Salmonella, moulds/yeasts)



• Typical data:
humidity: 17% max; 22% max; 25% max; 35% max or according to clients requirement.
salt: according to clients requirement
ash: 6% max
sun burned: 1%
flavor: typical of sun dried tomatoes
color: bright red or red

• Drying Steps:

Harvest    >     Move  the product to drying area     >     Place on the table     >      Cut tomatoes >Salting      >

Collection      >           Cool        >          Selection      >       Packaging          >     Storing



• Packaging:

   Chosen according to the needs of the buyer

 Product must not be excessively crushed

 Keep dry products divided into portions

 Opening packages exposes product to air ,light and moisture, reducing its quality

10kgs/ctn with food grade plastic bags inside, and could do according clients requirement