About Us


Natura Agro-Trade is a leading Egyptian agriculture integrated company, established in 1999.

We grow, process and pack a wide range of fruits & vegetables in preserved format, exporting to markets worldwide.

Only high quality vegetables and fruits are accepted in our plant and sorted to ensure the best quality, from our farms directly to you.

Our experience and qualifications allow us to serve our worldwide customers professionally in a unique and friendly approach, providing outstanding quality, product variety, services, competitive prices and delivery built on passion for what we do

Natura's CEO

Natura Agro, founded by a fifth-generation Egyptian farmer (CEO Amr El Meniawy), supplying canned fruits and vegetables under private label for food producers, providing Europe with an alternative to Chinese goods.

Natura has earned market share by providing cheaper but superior products and, going forward, Mr. Amr is committed to developing in demand products to upsell to new and existing clients.

Mr. Amr believes product innovation and a commitment to quality standards will drive future growth. For the next two years, Natura Agro will focus on developing additional canned products, and further improving its quality standards by building a new production facility.


To continuously develop our capabilities to fulfill the evolving consumer needs through innovating in our product offering, and develop our manufacturing capabilities to further deliver on future needs.


Dedicated to serve our worldwide customers & consumers providing outstanding quality, product variety, services and delivery built on passion for what we do.


We follow a policy of delivering products at the highest quality enabled by a fully controlled process to ensure ample hygienic environment for our products & safe working environment for our staff.


We adapt state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the delivery of consistent high quality products while we continue to invest in upgrading our machinery to the ever changing industry standards